"In language rich with mood and atmosphere, delicately unfolding the intricate relationships of gender, class, ethnicity and race, Liongold tells the story of one family . . . and an entire way of life doomed, necessarily, to give way to immense change." 
 -- Susan Bernardin, co-author of Trading Gazes;  Professor of Native American and American Literature,    State University of New York, Oneonta.

  Bea Alden's memoir of a childhood in South Africa .... has such a strong sense of place, enriched with sensory detail, that I was surprised upon closing the manuscript to discover that I was not sitting in the kitchen in that Johannesburg suburb, watching long-time servant Letty go about her business. 
  Liongold paints a vivid picture of a specific time and place.  Alden bears witness, and in offering her clear-eyed memories, she also subtly explains how quickly and firmly injustice plants itself and comes to seem normal. 
 -- Natalie Danford, author of Inheritance: co-editor, Best New American Voices.

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