Apartheid Memoir

Apartheid Memoir

by Bea Alden
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It was an ugly time, in a beautiful place.
LIONGOLD is a vivid  account of one family's life in South Africa, at the height of the apartheid regime. 

                              A MEMOIR of APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA

     Bea Alden grew up in the white suburbs of Johannesburg -- a tall, lively city founded on a vast wealth of gold, mined night and day by an army of black laborers deep underground. She and her family automatically accepted the apartheid color barriers that ruled South African society. All those laws separating the races in every aspect of life, seemed, then, to be just the way things were.

     No-one, white or black, escaped the effects of the rigid apartheid regime. Everywhere there were rules, written and unwritten, not only about race, but about the significance of class and money, and the roles of men and women. 

Hear South Africa's moving post-apartheid national anthem, N'Kosi Sikelel iAfrica (God save Africa):
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